James Brown — I Cried

Жанр: Лёгкая музыка

Формат: mp3

Исполнитель: James Brown

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Продолжительность: 2:41

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Текст Песни

I cried I cried
My heart full of misery
I cried and now it’s your turn to cry for me So many days gone by So many days gone by But all, all I coould do was cry
You keep me You keep me in pain
But I promise you I’ll never love again
I cried over you
I cried over you
You know that that I’ve always, always been true
Now listen, turn your record player down real low
So listen, you know that I’m, I’m only human
So now, if you see him I wan’t you to tell him
Don’t make me over
Cos any day now
You know that everybody
I said that everbody
Everybody loves, lover