James Brown — Forever Suffering

Жанр: R&B

Формат: mp3

Исполнитель: James Brown

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Продолжительность: 5:52

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Текст Песни

Ain’t nobody home
But us Aint nobody home
Aint nobody home
Aint nobody home
Daddys gone
And left us all alone
Aint nobody home
Aint no, aint no, aint nobody home
Me and the kids yeah
All alone
I heard her say
Aint nobody home
Made a change for the kids sake
Oh, tell me how long
How long, do I have to suffer for one this day
So tell me, (suffering)
Tell me, tell me, (suffering)
How long, (suffering)
How long, (suffering)
Is it, is it one day, (suffering)
Is it one year, (suffering)
How long, (suffering)
Nobody cares about me, (suffering)
Makes me wanna fall down on my knees, (suffering)
Beat my head up on the side of a wall, yeah (suffering)
Nobody don’t love me no anymore, yeah (suffering)
Make me wanna fall down on the ground, (suffering)
Everybody wanna to put me down, (suffering)
Just gotta wave my kids bye-bye
Suffering, suffering
I’m alone, yeah, all by myself, (suffering)
I did it all, I did it all, I did it all, (suffering)
For the kids sake, yeah (suffering)
How long, do I have to suffer? (suffering)
On this day, (suffering)
Somebody help me, help me, help me, (suffering)
If I cry, yeah, (suffering)
Gimme gimme gimme me one more chance, (suffering)
One more chance, (suffering)
Make me wanna fall down on the ground, (suffering)
What have I done, what have I done, what have I done, (suffering)
Gimme gimme back my kids, yeah, darling, yeah (suffering)